Modern dating has had its own language for a long time — people who are not “on the market” may have a hard time keeping up with their friends who are actively looking for love (or companionship). “Ghosting,” “benching” and even “swiping left” may be confusing for those who aren’t dating.

And terminology has gotten even more complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fox News reports that the language app Babbel has released a new report on the new dating terms that have come out of the pandemic.

1.  Zumping – Getting dumped over a Zoom call.

2.  Corona-zoned–  When a physical relationship is delayed because of the (very reasonable) fear of getting COVID-19, so you keep things virtual for longer than you would’ve in normal times. The waiting, as they say, is the hardest part.

3.  Lockblocking– When a date gets canceled or rescheduled because of new lockdown rules.

4.  On-nomi–  A Japanese term for drinking together, online. Jennifer Dorman, sociolinguist for Babbel, says that this is a good description for a new trend of online socializing, especially when in-person dates aren’t possible.

5.  FODA–  “Fear Of Dating Again”; this happens to people who haven’t been dating since the pandemic began.

6.  Quarantionship–  A relationship that started during quarantine and developed virtually.

7.  Smugsolation–  When a new couple brags on social media and flaunts that they’re now spending all of their time together in person.

Babbel has a list of other dating terms that you may not be familiar with (as it was published in 2019, it’s pre-COVID) here.