This is a story that has fascinated me since I moved to Graniteville almost 20 years ago and I want to share it with you.  Legend has it that the grave of “The Little Boy” in the Graniteville Cemetery may have a ghost that comes out to play.  Here’s The Story Of The Little Boy’s Grave In Graniteville

This story started in October of 1855 when a little boy, traveling alone on a train through Graniteville, arrived unconscious.   The Little Boy was believed to be around 12 years old. He was taken by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Senn, owners of the Graniteville Hotel, to the former location of the old Lavelle McCampbell Middle School. There, they attempted to nurse him back to health!  The boy died before anyone could find his name or any family members.

He was then buried in the Graniteville Cemetery and his headstone just reads, “The Little Boy” with a death date of October 1855.  People started leaving toys on the grave to honor him, and this tradition continues today.  The story doesn’t end there.  Not long after his burial, rumors of a little boy’s ghost has been seen playing with the toys left there on his grave.

See the pictures below that I took just last night and you’ll see, there are lots of toys.  If you have more that you can share about this story, email me at