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According to Taste of Country, actress Q’oriankla Kilcher has been charged with felony fraud. Kilcher plays Angela Blue Thunder on Yellowstone. She is being arraigned on felony worker’s compensation insurance fraud charges.

While working on Yellowstone, Kilcher allegedly illegally collected more than $96,000 in disability benefits. The charges were announced on Monday, but she had actually been arraigned back in May.

The back story involves an injury she sustained while working on another show back in 2018. Afterward, she claims she had to turn down work due to the pain.  But she began her role on Yellowstone just before she started receiving her disability benefits. Her lawyer claims she never intentionally accepted the benefits.  Looks like she and her lawyer plan to “vigorously defend” the allegations.

Kilcher appeared in four seasons of Season 3 on Yellowstone as a negotiator for the Native Americans. And she is related to sing Jewel Kilcher.

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