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Blake Shelton talked with Hoda Kotb on The Today Show and revealed that his marriage and love with Gwen Stefani still feels so new. Hoda asked him, “How are things different now that they are married? Did things change?” Blake replied, “I don’t think so. I don’t know how she would answer to that. She’s still on my phone; literally, if you look in my phone, it says ‘my girlfriend’; that’s what her contact is. She’s still my girlfriend to me.”

He added, “We’ve been together for seven years; I guess when you’re our age, it still seems like it’s pretty new to me. It’s still like the nervous phase is still there.”

Talking about Shelton’s new video for his song “No Body,” in which he dons a mullet, Blake told Kotb, “I think Gwen likes the mullet because she never had to… You know, those of us that actually wore them and then wore them out, we don’t think it’s so cool. To Gwen, it’s kind of an exotic, weird thing; she was never around people that had mullets. To her, it’s cool, and she probably wishes that I had one.”

So what did his mother think of her son’s mullet being back? Shelton joked, “That we weren’t moving forward, that we haven’t learned from our mistakes.”

Before his video ’90s throwback video “No Body” came out, and even now that it is out, Blake posted several fun videos promoting the new work, including one where he had a dance instructor teach fans “The Shelton Shuffle,” but all that wasn’t necessarily from the man himself. He told Hoda, “The social media thing has gotten ridiculous; I’m telling you, I’m so over it. It’s like you can’t just do a video anymore; it’s like you’ve got to do all these videos to promote your video.”

He added, “That was my favorite thing about the ’90s; there was none of that, there was no social media. I have a team of people that handle social media, I’ve kinda stepped away from it all, and I’m a lot happier, more laid back.”