If you have plastic Tupperware around your house, chances are you have some that’s stained by tomato sauce. It seems like no matter how much you scrub it, those stains just won’t come out.  Maybe you’ve just learned to deal with it. But now there’s a stained Tupperware hack making the rounds on TikTok.

Stained Tupperware Hack

The guy, @Jordan_The_Stallion8 on TikTok, talks about an old trick to getting the stains out.  It includes dish soap, hot water, and a paper towel.  Then you close the Tupperware and shake.  But he says there’s one more ingredient that will make a big difference.

The stained Tupperware hack? Butter? Jordan says butter will help remove the stains because the stain is caused by lycopene in tomato sauce.  Lycopene is “hydrophobic,” meaning it repels water.  The butter apparently helps get between the lycopene particles and the plastic.

As you can see in the video, the Tupperware does get pretty clean.  But the stick of butter he uses does end up with sauce on it.  It does make you wonder if that was a container he just used… instead of being old stains.

But, if you’re looking to remove those Tupperware stains, it’s maybe worth a try.  Although Dawn dish soap has a whole page on their website about how to remove stains.

Additional Tips

Surprisingly, the Dawn website does mention butter, but they recommend putting it on the Tupperware before you put the sauce in to serve as a barrier.

Another tip from Dawn: Wash the Tupperware like normal (handwash or dishwasher), then sit the Tupperware next to a window with sunlight.  Apparently the sun will bleach the stains away.