So we go about our daily lives and I don’t about you, but there are just some words and phrases that drive me crazy.   I am about to drop the top 10 over-used words or phrases.  Now if you use these, please accept my apology up front, but these drive me crazy and they need to stop now.

The Top 10 Over-Used Words Or Phrases

“Preggo”    Maybe it’s too close to Maybe it’s too close to spaghetti sauce, I don’t know.  Another one that’s kind of close is “preggers.”  It’s pregnant.  Expecting.  Not Preggo

“Epic Fail”  It’s still used way too much and should go away.  So if you fail and it’s not epic, is it a fail?  Does it have to be “EPIC” to be fall?  Just stop

“Sorry Not Sorry”  It’s an insult!  Plain and simple.  Stop saying this.  It’s an unapologetic apology.  You either are sorry or you are not.  Which is it?

“For All Intensive Purposes”  What does this even mean?  It means nothing, It should be, “for all intents and purposes

“You Know My Name, But Not My Story”  Drama, that’s all that is.  Drama, Drama.  Tell me your story and I’ll know both

“Like”  This one drives me nuts.  I mean supper nuts.  “Like, can we go to the movies?  Or Like, are you hungry? Ugggggggh

“Right”  This one is close to “Like”  You are talking to someone, and instead of saying.  Yes or Correct, or I Agree, It’s Right? and it’s always used in question form.  STOP

“Pet Names”  This is for more in public,  Your name is Bill, not Sweet Pea, not hubby, love of my life, not baby cakes.  We do not wanna hear that.  Plus you can’t keep it up.

“You Don’t Deserve Me”  If you have to tell me that, you are correct, I don’t.  This means we are done, we have reached the end but yet, but it’s still being used all the time

“It Is What It Is”.  No kidding Captain Obvious It Is What It Is.  As if we didn’t know or couldn’t see

Ok, now that I’m off my soap box, Ya’ll have a nice day!

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