Neighbors Are Mad That She Still Has Her Christmas Decorations Up, Her Reason Is Heartbreaking

Whether or not Christmas decorations should still be up is a polarizing issue. With Valentine's Day now in the rear view, one woman was unpleasantly surprised to receive a complaint from an anonymous neighbor. "Take your Christmas lights down," the angry note said. "It's Valentine's Day!" One recipient, Sara Pascucci, was particularly hurt by the letter, and her story is now going viral. "Our entire family was sick with COVID starting December 24th," she shared on Facebook. "Within this time frame, we lost two family members, one being my father." Sara went on to describe her father's love for Christmas and the pride he took each year in putting up decorations. "He did it for us," she says. It turns out that this would be the last year that Sara's father would decorate his home for the holidays. Sara says her family wants to enjoy it for as long as they can. "Maybe we just aren't ready. I won't apologize for this." Pascucci hopes that sharing her story will teach others an important lesson about kindness. "You never know what they are going through."

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