Tacos are a popular food throughout the United States, and here in the CSRA, we love them too. And now it’s time for the Taco Takedown! This ultimate taco bracket will help determine which popular spot has the best tacos overall. Be sure to vote for your favorites below, and come back for each round to make sure your favorite place takes the top spot.

The History Of The Taco

The tacos that we know and love today are somewhat different than their predecessor, according to Twisted Taco. This popular food is of Mexican origin. But through the years, they have become a combination of Mexican recipes with International influences.

It’s believed tacos originated before the Spanish arrived and involved ancient Mexicans filling freshly made, soft, flat, corn tortillas with things like fish or cooked organs. Unlike what we see today, the tacos of that time didn’t come topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream.

The word taco, and the food item as we know it, could be less than 100 years old. Tacos were food eaten by the working class, which included miners.  Mexican silver miners would use gunpowder wrapped in paper like a “taquito” and place them into rocks for demolition.

These miners often ate tortillas filled with spicy filling because it was portable, affordable, and filling. Because of the similarities to the “taquitos” they were making, this food became known as “tacos de minero,” which means “miner’s tacos.”

The introduction of tacos in the United States didn’t happen until 1905 when Mexican migrants came into the country for work. But the pre-fried, crunchy taco shell we’ve come to know didn’t happen until the 1940s.

Taco Varieties

These days, you’ll find a wide variety of tacos. You have the option for a soft corn tortilla, a soft flour tortilla, or a crunchy taco shell. Then there are the filling and topping options.

While the most common filling options are beef and chicken, there are many restaurants that fill them with fish, barbecue, and more. As for toppings, cheese, lettuce, and tomato are the most common, but there are a ton of other options including sour cream, guacamole, onions, cilantro, and more.

It seems each restaurant has their own take on the taco. And everywhere you turn, we’re getting new restaurants with taco options! So now we want to ask, which restaurant in the CSRA has the best? It’s the Taco Takedown. Vote for your favorites in our bracket and help us locate the best tacos around.

Taco Takedown: Pick Your Favorites

Bracket Schedule

Round Name Start Date End Date
Round 1 4/29/2024 12 AM 5/4/2024 11:59 PM
Round 2 5/5/2024 12 AM 5/9/2024 11:59 PM
Round 3 5/10/2024 12 AM 5/14/2024 11:59 PM
Round 4 5/15/2024 12 AM 5/21/2024 11:59 PM
Round 5 5/22/2024 12 AM 5/28/2024 11:59 PM


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