According to WSAV, there’s a new truck driving training school in Savannah.  There is a nationwide driver shortage, and this program aims to prepare more people for employment.

The Roadmaster Drivers School opened in Savannah about a month ago, but has 15 locations across the country.

The president of the school, Brad Ball, says they generally go where the jobs are.  Savannah is a great location, and great for the people in the area.

The programs run for 4 weeks and teach essential skills to help students earn their Class A commercial driver’s license and become professional truck operators.

Ball also points out the job security with trucking—“…You can’t outsource truckers to another country; there’s no pay gap related to race or gender, and people get paid by the mile.”

There has been a driver shortage for a while, with many drivers retiring, and no new drivers coming in.

Trucking has been recession-proof and even pandemic proof.  No bachelors degree is required, just a GED or high school diploma.

Many new drivers can earn around $50,000 in their first year on the road.


The new truck driving school in Savannah will be hosting a grand opening towards the end of April.