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Aiken County School District Offering Free Virtual Driving Class for the First time

If you are a student in grades 6-12 in Aiken County Public School District, you are eligible to learn how to drive from the comfort of your own home. Aiken iNNOVATE are offering virtual learning driving courses. This will be the first time this course is being given through this program. Aiken iNNOVATE is a virtual learning program dedicated to serving Aiken County students in grades 6-12. The purpose of the program is dedicated to meeting the academic and developmental needs of those students that thrive in an online educational environment. Different classes and courses are offered virtually to prepare students to be college and career ready, such as this upcoming driving course. When you think of an online driving course it could seem mind boggling. With a lot of things being able to be transformed to a virtual setting, especially during the pandemic, a lot of things stuck. Of course like with anything there are your pros and your cons to learning how to drive virtually. One of the main benefits is convience. Here are some more pros and cons that may come about. Pros of Taking an Online Driving Course Online learning can be more convenient - while the schedule has not been made public on when the classes will be given or if there will be 24 hour access online courses are seen as more budget-friendly The student won't have to find transportation to the in-person driving course Cons of Taking an Online Driving Course The student may not be able to enjoy as much hands on instruction May require a bit more independent learning outside of class Interaction between students and instructors could seem limited Seats are available for students for second semester starting January 4th 2024. Applications will open this month, October 16, 2023. To be further considered students must be in good academic standing, which is determined by grades and attendance. [select-listicle listicle_id="334167" syndication_name="augusta-drivers-have-some-weird-stuff-in-their-cars" description="yes"]

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