If you’re a coffee drinker, chances are it’s one of the first things you reach for every morning.  BUT, apparently if you want to get the most out of your cup of joe, it’s best to wait an hour after you wake up!

Sure, many coffee drinkers will tell you they don’t come alive until after their first (or third) cup of coffee.  But if it’s extra energy you’re hoping to gain, it’s best to drink that coffee after an hour of being awake.  Why is that? Cortisol!  

Cortisol is the stress hormone that is blamed on abdominal weight gain.  It naturally spikes when you wake up, along with adrenaline.  This gives us energy and helps us focus.  But if you drink coffee on top of those elevated cortisol levels, you’re wasting it!  And you’re not giving your cortisol a chance to work FOR you, not against you! Delaying that delicious cup of coffee by an hour will give your cortisol a chance to work, and then the coffee can work on its own separately!

Cortisol tends to peak 30 to 45 minutes after you wake up.  This should result in a natural energy boost.  Drinking your coffee after that time period can help you continue the energy boost, without cancelling each other out.

The article we found does say if coffee doesn’t make you jittery and you need an extra big energy boost, say for an intense workout, you can go ahead and grab that cup of coffee upon waking up.

We’re not saying you have to change that morning routine… just a suggestion if you’re wanting MORE out of that coffee!  But if you’re like some of us… no amount of caffeine makes a difference one way or the other!  

So what’s your morning coffee routine?  First thing?  After an hour?  Take it or leave it?

Source: HuffPost

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