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Georgia is Home to the #1 Burger in America

For National Hamburger Month, it was only right to find out who held the spot for the #1 Burger in America. Well, after some searching, we've got our answer. According to Yelp, the #1 top burger in America in 2023 is at a restaurant located right here in Georgia! Get this, the restaurant is not a burger joint, but actually a barbeque spot. Fox Bros. Bar B Q is located in Atlanta, Ga. What started out as a joke item for the Fox Bros has become a legendary burger. The twin brothers, Justin and Johnathan Fox, were looking for ways to create a compelling burger. They needed a burger that could compete with the hamburger trend going on in Atlanta, back in 2007. They were throwing out recipe ideas and this was the first one they gave a try and it stuck. The Fox brother's backyard tasting parties, for friends and families, is how the preferences came about. And then they also got to see how they could perfect the recipe. The burger is a classic American burger with a barbeque twist. Instead of a typical ground-beef patty, you get a hefty helping of chopped Angus beef brisket, along with peppery bacon, melted house-made pimento cheese, jalapeno mayo, tomato, red onion, and pickles on a toasted brioche bun. Not only does Georgia hold the #1 Spot for the top burger in America, but Georgia also has a burger in the 3rd spot. This burger joint is among the most unique spots that will draw in vegans and carnivores. The menu is filled with planted-based burgers with names that will have you up at night thinking. Did I really have a Ménage a Trois – three vegan patties, bacon, and vegan shrimp, served on a vegan Hawaiian bun. Slutty Vegan is located in Atlanta, Ga, and was founded by Pink Cole. If you want to check out the full list of the top 100 burgers according to Yelp, click here.

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