Growth in Graniteville seems to happening almost daily. Let me start out by saying that I live off exit 11 in Graniteville and see the new construction and growth as it happens and also hear about a lot of the upcoming growth because I shop and do as much business as I can with the folks along exit 11.

More Growth In Graniteville, What Now?

When I first moved to exit 11 over 17 years ago, there were two places shop. You had Kent’s corner on one end of Bettis Academy Road, and The Breezy Hill Curb Market at Bettis and Ascauga Lake Road. Once Kent’s Corner was sold, it became a Circle K.

Now after a lot of growth in Graniteville and additions to exit 11, that Circle K convenience store has been forced to remodel and up it’s game because of all the other options currently at the exit and for what’s coming.

The Growth That Forced The Remodel

I think it was around 2012 that the Pilot Truck Stop opened with a Subway inside and that is where all the growth started. Shortly after that, the Bojangles went up, and so did the Burger King beside the Circle K. The Burger King didn’t last long, but rumors are still flying that it will be turned into a CookOut.

In the past year, we have seen the growth in Graniteville continue with the addition of the QT – QuikTrip convenience store and truck stop. The addition of QT forced The Pilot Truck Stop and and Subway to recently do a remodel and now Circle K has also been forced to do a remodel. With all the options at exit 11, they really had no option but to make changes.

After a stop in to check out the newly remodeled Circle K, I was blown away. They now have a “K Kitchen” that is open for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. The biscuits looked amazing and trust me when I tell you, I wanted a sausage biscuit with grape jelly. They have self checkouts now where all you have to do is place your items on the counter, tap your debit card, and boom. They still have the best coffee bar and soda fountain, The Polar Pop in the CSRA.

What Else Is Heading To Exit 11?

Well we do know there is more growth in Graniteville is coming. Just beside the QT, work is underway on a new Starbucks and Arby’s, and if you drive that road daily, you see the work. And behind the McDonald’s, you will see they’re clearing land there too. That land is being cleared for storage units. Just from my observation, the area where they are putting the Starbucks and Arby’s, there looks like there may be more room for growth. At the other end of Bettis, there is a new plaza beside the Dollar General that will include a laundromat and a Mexican restaurant as its anchor proprieties with plenty of room to grow.

People, including myself, are wondering when a grocery store of some kind will be built at exit 11. Now that is a question that no one seems to have an answer to, but I will agree with you and say that we need one. So as we continue to watch the growth in Graniteville, we look forward to what is still to come.

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