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Georgia - Not The Best Place For Breakfast Lovers

There are people who never eat breakfast.  And then there are those who love breakfast.  Some people even eat breakfast for dinner! There are some many great foods to start your day with. From the simplicity of toast, cereal, or doughnuts, to the more involved meals of pancakes, eggs, waffles, and grits, breakfast can be the most delicious meal. But, it turns out, Georgia is not the best place for breakfast lovers.

Ranking Best Cities For Breakfast Lovers

Lawn Love took a look at cities to rank the best cities for breakfast lovers in 2023.  They looked into which cities have plenty of access to breakfast spots- diners, cafes, doughnut shops, etc. Lawn Love also looked into quality and popularity from consumer ratings, Google search interests, the number of breakfast clubs, and more.

Georgia Towns On The List

Georgia, unfortunately, has two cities in the top 10 worst cities for breakfast lovers.  And Augusta fell just outside of that top 10 list at number 11! The two cities in that 10 worst list? Macon and Columbus. Macon was ranked at 9, and Columbus was at number 8.

Augusta and Macon were both among the cities with the fewest breakfast vendors per square mile. When it comes to most breakfast vendors per square mile, Miami, Florida ranked at number 1.

Other Rankings

As for the highest average consumer ratings… it looks like your best bet is mostly in California, with 4 out of 5 of the top-rated cities being in the state.

Savannah was much higher on the list, ranking at number 44 out of 200 cities. And Atlanta made it into the top 20, coming in at number 14. But Atlanta did rank among the cities with the fewest breakfast clubs.

So now that we know where Georgia stands… what are the best cities for breakfast lovers? Here are the top 10, according to Lawn Love!

  • 10. Los Angeles, California

    According to Lawn Love, LA has a variety of breakfast options for all appetites.  Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffle is apparently a soul food staple and loved by celebs like Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg, and Shaquille O’Neal!

  • 9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    According to Family Destinations Guide, the best breakfast place in Minneapolis is Isles Bun & Coffee Company.  They are vegan-friendly, family owned and operated, with a variety of pastries and sweet breakfast options.  They’re known for their cinnamon rolls.

  • 8. Seattle, Washington

    We definitely think of coffee when we think Seattle.  But when it comes to the best breakfast spot? Family Destinations Guide says the top spot is The Fat Hen. A modern eatery with dishes prepared with quality ingredients, various coffee blends, and delectable mimosas.

  • 7. Miami, Florida

    When it comes to breakfast in Miami, TimeOut ranked Chug’s as the number one spot. The chef took traditional diner dishes and reinvented them with a bit of flavor from his Cuban heritage.

  • 6. Boston, Massachusetts

    New England With Love says City Table is one of the best breakfast spots in Boston. With your breakfast classics- omelets, French toast, pancakes, and a fantastic weekend brunch.



  • 5. Providence, Rhode Island

  • 4. Portland, Oregon

    According to New England With Love, Blu Violet is a wonderful brunch option in Providence. Great views with floor to ceiling windows and delicious brunch options, including Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast.

  • 3. Chicago, Illinois

    Lawn Love recommends Old Fashioned Donuts in Chicago, they are a local shop that’s been around for more than 50 years. Fun fact: The “Brown Bobby,” a triangular doughnut got it’s start in Chicago. Doughnut lovers could purchase a machine to make them at home in the early 1900s!


  • 2. San Francisco, California

    Lawn Love highlights two San Francisco breakfast spots. Plow, which serves farm-to-table food.  And Thorough Bread & Pastry, a beloved local bakery.

  • 1. New York, New York

    It’s not surprising to see New York at the top of the list.  They have a wide variety of breakfast options and it’s easily accessible. They have many highly-rated breakfast vendors, the most breakfast clubs, and the highest average monthly Google searches for breakfast-related keywords.

    Secret NYC has Liberty Bagels Midtown down for the number one best breakfast in New York.  They have old-fashioned, hand-rolled bagels made from scratch.  And they offer a wide variety of spreads and toppings.