Could The New McDonald’s Spin Off CosMc’s Be Coming To Augusta?

If there is one thing we have here in the CSRA is a lot of great places to eat.  It also seems that new ones are opening almost monthly.  Could Augusta be on the map for a McDonald's Spin-Off CosMc’s? CosMc's first location is opening this week in Bolingbrook, Illinois.  McDonald's does have plans to open at least 10 new CosMc's. And 9 of those are in the great state of Texas. Just What Is CosMc's? The name caught my eye first thing. And after looking at CNBC, it seems that CosMc is one of the many McDonald's Mascots that have appeared in some of the company's advertising and art they've used in the stores.  CosMc, well, he is an alien from outer space and loves McDonald’s food. It seems that they are going back to the original plan they had when they opened McDonald's.   Quality food and you get it fast.  At the founding of McDonald's, it was burgers, fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes. What Can I Get At The New CosMc's? Just like the founding of McDonald's, it's going to be simple.  The menu will include your favorite comfort foods like the Egg McMuffin and M&M McFlurries.   Hash browns, pretzel bites, doughnuts, cookies, ice-creams, and new spicy queso and avocado tomatillo sandwiches will also be on the new menu. It seems like they may be going after Starbucks with specialty lemonades, blended drinks, and teas, with flavors such as “popping pear slush” and “tropical spiced” that can be customized with tapioca pearls, flavored syrups, and energy or vitamin C shots. When you finally get to visit CosMc's, you'll see a smaller building than the regular McDonald's.  It will have more drive-through lanes.  You will also be able to pay for your order at the menu board where you order to speed things up. So, could Augusta end up on the test list for the McDonald's spin-off restaurant, CosMc's?  I guess only time will tell and till then we can get our fix and one of the more than 40,000 McDonald's locations around the world.

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